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An educational video game for the HKA community

Global Context: Scientific and technical innovation


I believe that by working and creating my video game, the skill I developed the most was being a risk taker. During the creation process I decided to go for ideas and different game programming traits that had a chance of not working and even breaking my game. Through the different experimentations in my work, I was able to achieve things that I thought I could never include in my video game. I took risks while creating my game, and as a result I stepped outside of my comfort zoned and at the end, learned a lot of new skills useful for a large variety of other projects.

I also learned a lot and experienced being an inquirer. I had a great opportunity to develop my personal research skills, allowing me to complete the design of my video game. Prior to creating this video game, I had absolutely no knowledge of how games are created, and what goes behind the programming done to combine different elements together to create one whole project. Because of my interest in the creation of video games, I was able to ask questions about everything, and therefore, achieve greater results.


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