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Photography Challenge 1: Stop motion

Photography Challenge
Create a stop motion animation with clothes or other objects at home: take a series of photos, moving the objects slightly each time (try to keep the camera in the same place). Then, use an app of your choice to animate them. (120 mins) Instructions using iMovie to create stop motion Stop Motion Example

Photography Challenge 2: Photograph your meals

Photography Challenge
Enjoying the food at home? Take some great photos and share with us! Think about the background, lighting, layout etc. (30 mins)

Photography Challenge 3: Invent a character

Photography Challenge
Invent a character for yourself. Dress up, act it out, create a scene. Capture that person’s personality in a photo. (30 mins) See Cindy Sherman’s “film stills”

Photography Challenge 4: Recreate an artwork

Photography Challenge
Choose a famous artwork and recreate it using photography! It could be a portrait, landscape, still life, sculpture - anything! Make sure you include a picture of the original artwork in your upload! (30 mins) Famous Paintings as Photographs Getty Museum - recreating artwork Search for artwork


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