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Write a song in the style of Wes Montgomery for electric guitar and piano

Global Context: Personal and cultural expression


I have grown a lot as an inquirer, as I have had to learn new ways to approach learning music and can apply this to other skills. For example, I have been trying to draw more lately, and I have a preset mentality that I need to do a large quantity of the same drawing before I will get anything I am happy with. I have learned this from having to pursue practicing songs and techniques in this project. Additionally, I have never relied on using just my ears as opposed to transcription to learn a song, until I started this project. I learned how Montgomery learned everything he knew through listening to Charlie Christian records and copying what he played.

Additionally, I have never been so obsessed with learning and mastering a technique. In this case it was using my thumb rather than my other fingers or a pick to pluck the strings. I tried relentlessly to learn how to do up and down strokes as well as play chords and octaves with the upper, softer part of my thumb in order to get a similar tone to Montgomery. I was able to achieve this on single note lines and some chords, but am still learning how to do octaves and 5 note chords this way. In the end, I learned how to approach a completely new skill with little information about the topic. I learned methods of inquiring such as relying on my ears or watching covers of a song to figure out how it was commonly played. Additionally, I had to be persistent in order to get something to sound the way I wanted.


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