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Resin Necklaces

Global Context: Identities and relationships


What did you create? Why did you create this? What were the biggest challenges you faced? What advice would you give to next year’s PP students?

I created jewelry from resin and other materials that I already had. The jewelry I made was to represent an important aspects of me through my hobbies and values as a person. I created this because its hard for me to share my interests with people that I’m not comfortable with so this could’ve been one way for me to express myself. One of the biggest challenges I faced was time management, this is not only due to my own lack of time management but also because of Covid. My main advice to next year’s PP students is to always talk to your supervisor. An action plan that is made with your supervisor is so important even if your bad at making plans or following through with them it still helps. It doesn’t have to be detailed or well done but a rough idea of when you want different stages done. I didn’t do this till very late in my project and didn’t see its worth until it was too late.


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