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Acrylic through refugees


For the personal project, I want to develop and expand my art skills as I am interested in Visual Arts and have been wanting to expand on my knowledge of art and also expand my art mediums. This is a chance for me to also express how I feel about refugees and want people to know about them more as refugees are seen as a minor problem by the Hong Kong community, this will become a chance to also show that the struggles of refugees are also a problem for in Hong Kong, so this is why my personal project will be doing an Acrylic painting to express the problem of refugees, it will be helpful to add onto my art portfolio. The reason I decided to use acrylic paint is because the acrylic paint is able to show texture in the artwork as it will make the artwork seem more alive rather than a 2D piece. For the artwork, I planned to test out the techniques I can use for my final product after I sketched out some ideas and try out which techniques best fit the final art pieces because it will help me to look clearly at which of the techniques best fits my intention for my artwork.


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