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Reimagined Cover of Classic Song

Global Context: Personal and cultural expression


In order to plan, understand and create my product, creative thinking was of utmost importance. Creative thinking was applied several times to (music related) problem solving situations. It also included situations in which I was required to generate more original ideas and add any kind of authenticity to my cover.

Affective reflection is a skill I had to use consistently throughout the entirety of the process. What this looked like was constantly reflecting during the creation process, being able to identify room for improvement in a variety of areas, and being intuitive in regards to my own emotions, struggles and attitude surrounding the production of the song. This ensured that I was constantly trying to improve and reflect on my challenges as well as my successes throughout the process.

Another ATL skill I can identify as a strength throughout this process is critical thinking. During the transition from physical to online school, I was able to think critically and logically about the several effects this change would have on my product. I was able to analyse my options, think critically to come to certain decisions regarding my product, as well as problem solve during the process.


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