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Mental health awareness through music

Global Context: Personal and cultural expression


I have developed as an IB learner in a number of ways. One of these being that I improved my communication skills and was able to reach out more to get help even when I didn’t think I needed it. Not only, was I able to communicate with others about their real struggles with mental health disorders in there life but I also learnt quite a lot about myself over the months and how that it is important to be in tune with your inner self and what you have gone through, are currently battling with, and even past trauma. To not be so selfish of yourself and rather be selfless, to care about others, especially when on the topic of mental health. I’ve learnt even more so that you need to be vigilant of what you say and write about and how that can affect the person you are. The myp personal project showed me just how open-minded we all should be but above all myself and that having too many preconceived assumptions of an individual or a categorized group really can replace your mindset into a vastly different way of thinking in the first place.

During my inquiry process, I interviewed people that I am close to, but I gained an understanding and a level of empathy for exactly what they have to go through on an everyday basis. Throughout the whole entirety of the myp personal project, I put aside a portion of what I thought I previously knew and pushed myself to encounter new ideas and be less judgemental as well as noticing how to lower down my hypercritical nature towards my own work overall.


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