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Japanese language video

Global Context: Identities and relationships


I made a Japanese video for beginners. I created it at home, in school. I work with Mr.Leon, Ms.Ayumi, My Japanese Teacher, Ms Charlie. I chose this because it is important for beginners. I’ll also like Japan and their language to communicate. Japan is a popular country in Asia! The thing needed to improve is some words are not detailed to pronounce. I can expand these words more so that will be better,so the audience will have more good feedback.

My learning Japanese video is good for beginners,it’s good for beginners to improve their skills. In this video,I use a clear voice and volume to explain. I chose some words that are important to a beginner .

I have no weakness about this video because it is very simple.But some titles of the video need to be improved.

By making this video,I learnt a lot about the Japanese Language. I learnt the numbers in Japanese. For Example: ichi (1), ni (2), san (3). Also, I learnt the Kiranga Alphabet- a,e(ee),u,e,o. The others are similar to the english alphabet but there is a difference. The other thing that I learnt is the food in Japanese (e.g. Sushi, Tempura, Sashimi). The learning countries in Japanese,for example:Kankoku (South Korea), Singaporu (Singapore) and Itarilia (Italy).

This video improved my thinking skills.It improved by learning japanese order from left to right. For beginner students of japanese to learn their skill, it improved my working skill with each other by focus. I feel excited because it is perfect, humble, interesting. I feel I can do some more words to improve the student, over all it makes me feel happy.


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