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Renaissance art

Global Context: Personal and cultural expression


I have shown countless characteristics of the IB student profile. For example, I showed my abilities as an inquirer. This was my first time undertaking a venture of this greatness including such countless components. I had a fairly lethargic beginning and was uncertain how to move toward it. It wasn’t until I began delineating what I expected to do in the real-life application that the painters in the 1500 era procedure, ignited research. Things began advancing a lot faster. For instance, when I investigated appropriate papers I directed examinations. Different online classes taught by professionals in different fields of digital and traditional painting techniques took great care of impacting my path. The courses gave me a deep understanding of digital applications and made me discover abilities such as “clipping”. I refined these abilities so that I could see their advantages and how they could help my learning later on, as in the. I desire to proceed on this excursion of learning and expanding on my imaginative abilities, and I expect to continue to add to my piece. I have additionally gotten even more daring and I now encourage challenges. This appeared in my piece, where I needed to investigate and explore different avenues regarding new systems in the making of my craft due to the change of media. I needed to concoct my ideas and inventive thoughts for how I would make my pieces. I carried my components into the work, which was seen by a few groups that partook in my overview at the Presentation. This will be beneficial for my future, developing unique thoughts as opposed to being dependent on others.


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