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Virtual Literacy Celebration

Both Primary and Secondary School students have participated in a range of virtual literacy-focussed activities framed to celebrate our collective love of reading and highlighting the importance of literature in our daily lives! For our Primary School students, three popular events from past literacy weeks (the Continuous Reading Chair, Pyjama Day and Hot Cocoa & Cookie Storytime) were merged into a Literacy Week Special. Via livestream, students tuned into the 8 hour Continuous Read-Aloud Chair, listening to stories read aloud by HKA faculty and staff. Students were invited to be comfy in their pyjamas and have hot cocoa and cookies on hand to enjoy as a special story time treat. Secondary School students engaged in an afternoon of Literacy Celebrations under the Motto "HKA's Got (Book) Talent". They showed these talents by creating book trailers, read-alouds, songs & raps, book recommendations and more and sharing these with the wider community via dedicated Padlets. The event also had a livestreamed opening ceremony as well as a live-streamed celebration that highlighted some of the entries submitted over the course of the afternoon.


1:00-1:15 Grand Opening

1:15-2:15 Be Creative!
Take action by creating the product for your chosen category. Submit.

2:15-2:45 Review & Vote
Review what your peers posted. Vote (see respective Google Form).

2:15-2:45 Q&A Google Meet

2:45-3:00 Celebration Ceremony

The Padlet will remain open for submissions until Sunday, March 8, 2020.


Videos – Upload your video to your Google Drive and paste the link into the category you chose. (Make sure to allow us access to the video).

Submission receipt – You will receive a congratulatory message on submitting. This will also be your time stamp (see scrogin below).

Scoring – Each post will receive 10 house points (5 points for submissions received after Friday)! Write your name, grade and house team. You may choose to work on an activity with a friend or a group of friends. Please include all names.

Voting – You can earn points through popular vote (see respective Google Form) and extra points for your house (for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place) will be awarded by a panel of teacher judges in the coming week.


Award Category Book Trailer
Promote your favourite book by creating a book trailer (max. 1 min).
Award Category Read-Aloud
Perform a short read-aloud (not longer than 1min). You could recite a poem, share a picture book, a favorite passage from a book.
Award Category Book To Movie
Many books have been made into movies. What book would you make into a movie? Write a short script and create a 1-2 minute promotion of the movie.
Award Category Song/Rap
Choose your own media for promoting and celebrating your favourite book or latest read. ideas include a video, short play (act it out), podcast, painting, infographic, song, rap, poster, diorama!
Award Category Best Surprise Us
Choose your own media for promoting and celebrating your favourite book or latest read. ideas include a video, short play (act it out), podcast, painting, infographic, poster, diorama!
Bonus Points: Best Reader Outfit
For example: Wear an HKA (house) t-shirt or colors and read, read, read. Dress in neon colors to show your love for reading. Dress in your wackiest, tackiest outfit, to show that you are wild about books.
Bonus Points: Best Book Character
Use your imagination and creativity to dress up as your favorite book character. Don't forget to post your picture here to be considered for an award.
Bonus Points: Best Book Recommendation
Have you read a great book recently? Whilst I’m constantly recommending books for teens. Sometimes the best people to recommend these books are often other teens. Write yours here: Don't forget the title and author. Good reads will also inspire you:


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